Sleepyhead of Sweden Becomes DockATot

Sleepyhead of Sweden has now merged with our global sister company, to bring you DockATot! We’ll still offer you the finest quality baby and nursery accessories in the most beautiful designs and fabrics, as well as lots of exciting new products to... Read more
  • Hannah Bradford
  • March 08, 2021

Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers

Our new La Maman Wedge nursing pillow helps to provide new mothers the support they need during breastfeeding sessions. To help you further succeed...

Why Use A Baby Lounger?

Parenting arrives with a whole host of accessories and products that we’re told we can’t live without! Essentially, all a baby needs are loving par...

Design Focus: Let The Sunshine In!

Take a closer look at our Sun & Sea collection and find inspiration for styling these gender-neutral hues of pink and blue.

Garden Playdate Ideas Made Easy

At long last, playdates are back in business - in the garden for the time being! So if, like us, you’re on the lookout for ways to keep the little ...

Fresh Spring Style

With warmer days around the corner and the hope of a lockdown-free summer on the horizon, we’ve been enjoying some of our fresher, nature-inspired ...

Making Mother’s Day Memories

We’ve been thinking about some ways to make special Mother’s Day memories this year whilst staying safe at home. So if you're wondering how to spen...

A Celebration of Motherhood

Here, in this celebration of motherhood, we shine the light on just a handful of some of the amazing mothers who are raising children amidst a glob...

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