Get Your Jungle On: The DockATot Wild at Heart Collection

  • Roma Patel
  • November 09, 2020

Say hello to the new DockATot Wild at Heart collection.

This striking new range comes dressed to impress with vibrant animal prints and gorgeous palettes. The perfect way to add some personality and pizazz to your nursery decor. We'e wild about them and think you will be too.

Four bold, new DockATot animal prints

Animal prints have been all the rage this year and the Wild at Heart collection is inspired by the runways’ fiercest textiles. We present four prints to choose from, each with a unique take on our favourite jungle themes. If feisty is your style, the Jungle Cat design celebrates powerful felines in a fun and fresh print. Or if you prefer elegance and grace, take a peep at the whimsical Crane design.

For the lovers of leopard print spots among you, we have adapted this timeless trend into two distinctive styles to choose from. You can go bold with Bronzed Cheetah, or keep it cool with Painted Spots, a more neutral palette option. Whatever your jungle style, there is something for everyone. Now all your little one needs is a cute jungle-themed onesie to match.

'Jungle Cat'DockATot tiger and cheetah

First up is the Jungle Cat - the perfect place for your little tiger to take some time out after being on the go. After all, it’s tiring being a little explorer all day – and there really is so much to explore.

This print features beautifully sketched tigers and cheetahs parading around a powder blue backdrop. The rich gold of the cats is perfectly complemented by the fresh blue, creating a colour match made in heaven. A stunning centrepiece to your nursery décor, and easy to match to cute colour palettes.

Sense of adventure and imagination

Wild cats capture the imagination – sleek fur, bright colours and a power and strength that few things in nature can match. Add to that their proximity to your own much loved pet, and they gain a familiarity that makes them hard to resist.

These majestic animals add a sense of adventure to your nursery décor. As your little one grows they'll love pointing out the animals on the print - they might even start attempting their own cute little tiger roars!

'Crane'dockatot deluxe crane print

Give your nursery a whimsical theme with our delicate peach and white Crane pattern. Perfect for a subtle girly touch with a difference. This colour scheme incorporates green and gold to bring a touch of elegance and serenity to your little one’s haven.

Pair this design with natural plant life and leafy themes to bring the outside into your baby’s environment. The sense of freedom that birds symbolise is a beautiful gift to pass on to your little one. To encourage our children to be themselves, to spread their wings and reach their full potential as they grow and learn about the world.

Did you know?

Cranes are social birds that live in large flocks, as well as being loyal creatures. Once they find a partner they mate for life. But they are also great explorers, with some species covering up to 500 miles a day in search of food.

'Bronzed Cheetah'dockatot bronzed cheetah

Even the sweetest of temperaments can benefit from the occasional walk on the wild side. The DockATot Wild at Heart collection is about being bold and courageous – and nothing is bolder than the beautiful Bronzed Cheetah. With a warmth and energy that will fill the room, this design creates a space that is unique and full of character.

Animal spots have long been a fashion favourite and our bronzed cheetah brings a regal sense of sophistication to your interiors. Small splashes of this bold motif can make a big impact on your space, without overshadowing the rest of the room. It is equally at home in an all-white nursery to a rustic lounge. But it will always guarantee that its cute little occupant remains the centre of attention. 

King of speed

We want to give our little ones the courage to achieve whatever they set out to in life, and the untamed nature of these wild felines says exactly that. Sleek and graceful, the cheetah is built for speed and is the fastest land based animal in the world. If that is not an example of reaching the top, we don’t know what is.

'Painted Spots'dockatot painted spots print

This timeless print is a favourite in the fashion world as it hits the catwalk year after year. A muted edition of the cheetah print, Painted Spots can adapt to a wide range of different textures and colours, making it a flexible centrepiece. Pair it with bold, bright colours to bring your nursery to life, or slot it into a muted colour palette with plenty of soothing white space.

Cat prints first graced the fashion pages back in the roaring 20s – the age of flappers and flamboyance. Fashion designers such as Christian Dior played a key role in enhancing the allure of the pattern, as did the Hollywood stars on the silver screens.

Timeless style

If you like your interiors fresh and cool, this design hits the spot. Some things never go out of style, and your little one is bound to still be rocking similar spots in years to come. Not that we like to think of them ever growing up!

Get your jungle on with the DockATot Wild at Heart collection

Has the DockATot Wild at Heart collection captured your imagination yet? Timeless classics meet fresh new themes in this gorgeous range. Be adventurous with these jungle themes and create a space that you and your little one will love. We are so excited about seeing them brighten up homes across the globe. So what are you waiting for? View DockATot's wild at heart collection and go get your jungle on!

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