Dock Safety Tips

At the heart of our company is the safety of families and their tiniest members. We have compiled a list of guidelines to help keep you and your family safe. Additional information is available in the FAQ and Guideline and warnings portion of our website.

Baby on Back

Babies should only be set down on their backs in the Deluxe+ dock, aside from tummy time.

When lounging on their backs, babies can safely benefit from visual stimulation. When paired with the toy set accessory, the dock also promotes sensory development.

Tummy Time

The Deluxe+ dock is an ideal spot to watch your little one spend active time on their tummies.

To practice safe tummy time, you must directly supervise your baby. Place the baby near the head of the dock with their arms over the edge. Never place your baby on their tummy for lounging.

Stay Firm (and flat)

Docks should only be placed on a firm, flat and stable surface from which the baby cannot fall.

The dock is multi-functional and easy to use in many locations. Be sure to use on the floor or on another firm, flat surface that remains stable during use.

No Blankets or Pillows

Keep blankets and pillows away from the Deluxe+ dock.

Blankets, pillows, and other objects can cover a baby’s face and should be kept out of the Deluxe+ dock. Additionally, docks should be kept out of the crib, bassinet or play yard, which are supposed to be kept bare.

Keep it Together

Docks should only be used when fully assembled and zipped up.

Do not remove inner parts and use them alone.  Loose parts can present a hazard. Additionally, only use with DockATot parts and covers.

Growing with the Grand

When a child is otherwise ready to use a toddler or big kid-sized bed, the Grand dock can be used in the toddler bed or big kid-sized bed.

Before using a Grand dock in a toddler or big kid-sized bed, be sure the child can safely climb in and out of the dock and bed on their own, and also be sure to child-proof their room.

Be Present

It’s important that you keep your baby within view when they are in a Deluxe+ dock.

A baby left alone can begin to crawl or scoot out of the dock unexpectedly. The Deluxe+ dock is not a bassinet, play yard, or crib – it does not have high sides to contain the baby.

Never Carry Baby In Dock

Children should not be carried while in the dock.

While docks themselves are portable, they are not designed for carrying children. If you want to transport your child, pick them up from the dock.

Please Read Carefully

Taking a few minutes to read the warning label is important.

Our warning labels have important information meant to protect your family, so please take time to read, understand, and follow these warnings. They are available on our products and on our website.

Cribs, Bassinets, and Play Yards for Sleep

For naps and overnight sleep, place your baby in a crib/cot, bassinet, or play yard.

Babies fall asleep most anywhere you put them. If your baby falls asleep in the Deluxe+ dock, move them to a crib/cot, bassinet, or play yard.

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