7 Stay At Home Valentines Date Ideas For Parents

Valentine’s Day is approaching – a day to put everything else aside and make sure your loved one feels… loved.
  • Alistair Gibson
  • February 06, 2021

Although this year may look a little different to others, it needn’t be any less special. We've put together some stay at home Valentines date ideas to celebrate romance even if you can’t leave the house.

For busy parents carving out time for one another can be hard. But the silver lining this Valentines is that you won’t need to pay for a babysitter!

Romance is different for every couple and you know your partner better than anyone. Are they someone who prefers to receive a gift or spend some quality time with you? Do they love romantic poetry or would they just prefer to snuggle on the sofa?

Whichever style of Valentine's date you prefer, these stay-at-home Valentine's ideas will make it a day to remember.

1. Breakfast in bed

Few things say true love for a busy parent than being treated to a lie-in and breakfast in bed. Let them stay under the covers a little longer while you get up with the kids and whip up some breakfast.

It needn’t be anything special if you have children to entertain. Even a cup of tea and some hot buttery toast feels like a luxury when enjoyed without having to get out of bed or tend to anyone else’s needs. A great way to make your partner feel loved from the moment they wake… and perhaps set them up for a more romantic mood in the evening…

2. Romantic picnic

When you're used to eating three meals a day at your kitchen table, it may not feel the most special for a Valentines date night. Instead, why not create a romantic space to enjoy a picnic in another part of the house? A small amount of effort can go a long way to making an evening feel extra special.

Set up a cosy scene with a pretty play tent and some cushions and fairy lights. Forget your familiar surroundings as you snuggle up inside the whimsical fabric and reminisce about picnics in the countryside and hazy summer days.

3. A gift to be enjoyed at home

As well as Valentine's date ideas, you may be trying to decide on a gift. Since this year is so unique, perhaps think about something that can add some joy to staying at home. Fresh flowers always bring joy and will be a constant reminder of you every time your partner sees them. Scented candles are another way to fill the house with uplifting fragrances – as well as helping to create a romantic ambience in the evening.

If she's missing the beauty salon, maybe treat her to some beauty products, a face mask or new nail varnish. And for guys who are missing their trips out to the coffee shop of the pub, you could pick out some samples of their favourite beverages to be enjoyed at home with you.

4. Two can play at that game…

The risk of spending every day together at home is that you may run out of evening conversation. A light-hearted board game is a great way to get conversation flowing and there are plenty of board games that work well for two players. Do you prefer to tax the brain cells with Scrabble, strategize with Carcassonne, or take things less seriously with Exploding Kittens? Or if you aren’t feeling competitive you may enjoy a collaborative game such as Forbidden Island.

5. Don’t stress

If you have a little one who is particularly fond of staying up late (!) then a long romantic evening might be a challenge. Rather than spending your evening worrying about getting them to sleep, why not make a point of getting them cosy and settled in their dock or moses basket downstairs with you. That way they can be part of the evening without being the focus of it.

Soft music and twinkly lights are just as well-suited to baby entertainment as they are to a romantic ambience. Settle down with the coos of your little one in the background and chat about your plans for once stay-at-home restrictions are lifted.dockatot moses basket and play tent

6. Dressed to the nines

One of the things many of us have been missing is an excuse to put on something stunning, slip on some heels and paint the town red.

Get donned-up and go classy with a high-end dinner date. Splash out on some fancy ingredients and an expensive bottle of wine to make it feel luxury. Indulge in the process of getting ready before heading downstairs for your meal… and back upstairs again after!

7. Set a destination

Adding a theme to your evening can be a great way to turn a night into something special. Why not choose one of your favourite holiday destinations, or even a place you've both been planning to visit?

Tie the theme into the decoration, your outfits, background music and of course your dinner menu. You could even research a popular cocktail from your country of choice to finish the evening off with. What better way to escape the mundane and dream of your next adventures.

Valentine's parents

Whichever Valentine's date ideas suit your taste, the key is taking time to focus on each other. More than anyone, parents of young children have a lot on their plate, so it’s easy to feel like teammates rather than lovers. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to put passion and romance front and centre again, and to concentrate on yourselves, rather than your offspring.

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