What Is A DockATot?

If you haven't used a DockATot before, here’s a brief introduction to baby docks and specifically how to use a DockATot to its full potential.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • January 21, 2021

If you’re a new or soon-to-be parent, you may be asking yourself, "What is a DockATot?". You may have heard other parents talking about “baby pods” or “baby docks” and wondering why on earth you might want to dock your baby. Our customers rave about the rewards of a DockATot and what a game-changer it is in those early days of parenting. But if you haven’t experienced one yet here’s a brief introduction to baby docks and specifically how to use a DockATot to its full potential.

What is a DockATot for babies?

Often referred to as a baby pod, baby nest or Sleepyhead, a DockATot is a specially designed cushioned mat used to support and protect a baby when they need to be put down. The rounded shape of the DockATot is created to mimic the experience of the womb, keeping the baby snug when not in someone’s arms. So parents have the reassurance of knowing their little one can’t roll over or hurt themselves, whilst the baby has somewhere cosy to relax in around the house and further afield.smiling baby in dockatot deluxe plus

Designed as a lightweight, portable piece, a DockATot can be used wherever you are to keep your baby close, and is easy to take out and about. If you're at the park, in the kitchen or somewhere else where there’s no comfortable place for your baby to lie, a baby dock provides a flexible, indulgent solution.

We recommend using a DockATot Deluxe+ dock for babies from newborn up to 8 months.

What is A DockATot Used For?

There are plenty of great ideas for how to use your DockATot:

  • As a baby gym for your baby to play with the toy arch.
  • As a safe place for little one to lie whilst you get on with chores.
  • For tummy time, with the option to prop the baby’s arms over the cushioned edge, so they can look around more easily.
  • For your little one to lounge in whilst you to enjoy a guilt-free cup of tea.
  • A comfy spot for getting them dressed or changing nappies – to stop them wriggling out of reach!
  • A portable play mat to when you are on the go.
  • A versatile prop for imaginative play –a boat, a bus or an aeroplane?
  • As a reassuring, cosy haven when your baby is unsettled.
  • For additional support and protection during well-meaning, overly attentive sibling cuddles!
  • For monthly photoshoots to show how your baby is growing. 
    baby plays with dockatot toy arch

When To Use A DockATot

As an expectant parent, you may not imagine you'll ever want to put your little one down once they've arrived. But whilst physical connection is a crucial part of the parent-child bond, there will be times you need your hands free – to cook dinner, put on the laundry or dry your hair. In these moments it is important to know your baby has somewhere safe to rest until you can hold her again.

Another great time to use a DockATot is in new environments such as evenings out, going on holiday or during hospital visits. Here the refuge of the DockATot can help settle your baby despite the unknown surroundings.

But the DockATot is great not only for when parents need a rest. Young babies can easily be overstimulated and many babies appreciate the tranquillity of being put down somewhere quiet and still. The baby dock will quickly become a place the baby recognises and knows to be safe and secure, so you may soon find it has a calming influence.

Why Use A DockATot?

Many of our customers describe the DockATot as a lifesaver. The early stages of parenthood are beautiful but overwhelming at times, so having a reliable baby pod is a must. And whilst there are plenty of baby products on the market, DockATot sets itself apart in terms of quality and design.

DockATots were designed by parents as a practical everyday solution for parents that doesn’t compromise on style or quality. Each DockATot combines intelligent Swedish design with expert European craftsmanship and is hand-cut and hand-sewn with intricate care. Fabrics and components are carefully selected to ensure their quality and safety.

The attention to detail that goes into every component of the design is what makes each DockATot so exquisite. Read our article about the making of DockATots to find out more about how a DockATot is made.

What Is A DockATot Grand?

Once you and your baby have enjoyed the comfort of the DockATot Deluxe+, it can be sad to see them outgrow it. This is where a DockATot Grand comes in.child plays in dockatot grand dockThe larger format allows babies to continue to use their familiar leisure space as they grow into toddlerhood. It can be useful for transitions into a toddler bed or a new bedroom, bringing a sense of reassurance to a new place.

How to use your DockATot

Ultimately there is no single way for how or when to use a DockATot. These versatile items are designed to look great in any room in the house, creating a baby friendly space in any setting. Please take a look at our DockATot safety tips for expert advice and guidelines on how to use your DockATot safely. 

Do You Need A DockATot?

What do you think? Is a DockATot something your family will benefit from? Have a browse of our Deluxe+ DockATots and explore the range of beautiful patterns and designs. Don't forget to check out the reviews to see what other parents are saying about DockATot!

baby lies in dockatot deluxe+ natural buffalo

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